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In Allah's Name, who is the most Affectionate, the most Merciful

Our Objective:

Following Prophet Muhammad (Allah's Blessings and Salutations on him)) as the 

"Role Model":,

to strive for Love links among Allah, Man & Environment

Our Keys:

Objective can be achieved through following principal keys:-

Submission:- Total Submission before Allah Subhanohoo Ta'ala.

Sacrifice:-       Surrender of surplus resources in favor of the Environment.     (Human being, Animals, Plants etc.)

Preaching:-     Diverting the environment towards Allah Subhanahoo Ta'ala.

Practicum:-     Practice is emphasis.

The Man/Woman (every Muslim) is to perform pivotal role in this configuration. "Aulia Allah Foundation Regd." has initiated a chain of programs. Interested volunteers are invited to join us for noble and global cause.

Strategy of Aulia Allah Foundation
To mix with poor and depressed people / groups to help them elevate and adopt the path of love with Allah Subhanhu Taala. This is possible mainly if we sacrifice our fair resources in favour of such people. This is the way already adopted by Aulia Ikram and Sufia-e-Islam. This strategy became the reason to name the foundation after Aulia Allah.

Aulia Allah Foundation on Monday August 4th 2003, in Lahore

Aulia Allah Foundation has no formal body and office bearers neither impose any subscription or fee. How ever for different tasks and jurisdictions services of different organizers are accepted.

Every Kalma reciter / human being who agrees to aims and objectives of Aulia Allah foundation can become the virtual member of the foundation .

Denounce all these;

  1. Ill-gottens
  2. Malukiyyat (Dynasty)
  3. Riba

Because they lead to:

  • War against Allah (Subhanohu Taala), Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and humanity.
  • Plundering of resources - poverty.
  • Rule of might and blood against merit.
  • Exploitation of labour/skill through capitalism”.

(Public service message by Aulia Allah Foundation being advertised through Newspapers)

To Join the Foundation and for further details please Contact Us

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